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Dance Better. Live Better.

Artisan Dance Academy (ADA) was established in 2016 in Needham, MA, under the visionary leadership of professional dancer June Li. ADA is committed to educating and celebrating the rich and vibrant heritage of Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic and folk dance, and Chinese contemporary dance. At ADA, our business philosophy revolves around unlocking each student's artistic and intellectual potential, nurturing their artistic sensibilities, promoting a healthy body image, and fostering a positive attitude towards learning and teamwork, with a special emphasis on the pursuit of excellence.

ADA goes beyond traditional dance classes by providing a comprehensive experience that includes personalized one-on-one attention, professional instruction of the highest caliber, and a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their skills. These opportunities include performance opportunities, chances to participate in national competitions, and other experiences that equip students with the tools they need to become exceptional dancers.

At ADA, our commitment to our students, their learning experience, and the art of dance is unwavering. We prioritize the individual needs and growth of each student, and our dedication to excellence in dance instruction sets us apart. Join us at ADA and experience the difference of a dance academy that puts students first.

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