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Dance Better. Live Better.

Artisan Dance Academy (ADA) launched in 2016, in Needham, MA under the direction of professional dancer, June Li.  The dance academy is dedicated to educate and celebrate the rich and colorful heritage of Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic and folk dance and Chinese contemporary dance. The business philosophy of ADA is to discover every student’s artistic and intellectual potential, to nurture their artistic sensibilities, to help shape healthy body image and to build up constructive and positive attitude towards learning and teamwork, especially towards the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this goal, ADA provide more than just dance classes, but also sessions, performance chances, national competition chances and other opportunities that will equip students with the tools they need to become better dancers. ADA is distinguished by its personalized, one-on-one attention to the students and professional instruction that is second to none. The students, the learning experience, and dance will always be the first priority to us!



Founder and Lead Choreographer

 June Li, founder and lead choreographer at Artisan Dance Academy(ADA), began her professional dance training with the Fujian Artistic Academy as part of a specialized training program by the Opera and Dance Drama Theatre of Fujian to train select individual as professional performers. She graduated with a specialty in Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Ethnic Dance. Over a decade period, June performed in countless major events domestically and internationally, such as the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony and the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  Equipped with her extensive experience as an on stage performer and her rich experience in dance instruction, June developed her career as a dance educator. She received her certification from the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Exam Center and in 2013, her work; “花儿飘香” was awarded the “Choreographer Highest Award” at the 19th Hong Kong World Dance Competition. Today, ADA’s classes are held all over Greater Boston and have hundreds of students young and old.

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Instructor and Choreographer

Meng Wang, enrolled in The Middle School attached to Beijing Dance Academy since 2006 and admitted by Beijing Dance Academy’s Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance department in 2012. After graduation, she decided to pursue her Master degree in Boston University’s Arts Administration program. During her previous study, Meng has participated in many large-scale performances and dance drama, including the solo performer in the Opening Ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, dance drama the Yellow River and Shangri-La, National Welcome reception in The Great Hall of the People, the Dance World of CCTV as well as lots of performances held in the National Grand Theater. Her performed pieces won the first prizes in Taoli Cup Dance Competition, Beijing Dance Competition and Lotus Cup Dance Competition. These invaluable experiences influenced her to pursue the career of dance education. Meng used to teach at many dance training clubs and schools in China, she also taught at Anyang Normal University as dance instructor for a semester. She possessed solid dance background in combination with various teaching and performing experiences. 

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