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Founder, Teacher and Artistic Director

Yijun Li (June Li)

Founder and Artistic Director of Artisan Dance Academy (ADA), embarked on her professional dance journey with the Fujian Artistic Academy, where she underwent specialized training as a professional performer under the esteemed Opera and Dance Drama Theatre of Fujian. She graduated with a specialty in Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Ethnic Dance. With over a decade of experience, June has graced countless major events both domestically and internationally, including the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony and the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Drawing from her extensive on-stage performance background and wealth of experience in dance instruction, June has flourished as a dance educator. She holds certification from the Chinese Folk Dance Grade Exam Center, and her choreography work titled "Aromatic Flower" was honored with the prestigious "Choreographer Highest Award" at the 19th Hong Kong World Dance Competition in 2013. Many of her Choreographed 

Today, ADA's classes are held throughout Greater Boston, attracting a diverse range of students of all ages who are captivated by June's passion for dance and her exceptional teaching. With hundreds of students young and old, Artisan Dance Academy continues to thrive under June's leadership and expertise.

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Teacher and Lead Choregrapher

Meng Wang's journey in dance began in 2006 when she enrolled in Beijing Dance Academy middle school. In 2012, she was admitted to the prestigious Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance department at Beijing Dance Academy, where she honed her skills and passion for dance. Her talent and dedication earned her the opportunity to perform in many large-scale productions and dance dramas, including a solo performance in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, dance dramas such as "The Yellow River" and "Shangri-La," and the National Welcome reception in The Great Hall of the People, among others. Her exceptional performances led to her pieces winning first prizes in renowned competitions such as Taoli Cup Dance Competition, Beijing Dance Competition, and Lotus Cup Dance Competition.

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Teacher and Choreographer


1988-1993: Dance Department, People's Liberation Army (PLA)  Academy of Arts

1993-2003: Dancer, Nanjing Military Region Frontline Song and Dance Troupe

1996-2000: Obtained Bachelor's degree in Choreography and Teaching from PLA Academy of Arts Teaching



  • Participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1992, 1993, and 1994, as well as the General Political Department and Military Region "Double Support" Gala.

  • Awarded first prizes in the National Dance Competition in 1994 and Lotus Cup Dance Competition in 1995.

  • Performed in large-scale dance dramas such as "Mazu," "Heroic Sons and Daughters," and "Tibetan Antelope."


Jessie, who started learning dance at the age of 4, has persisted in dancing for over ten years. She excels in Jazz, K-pop, and Chinese-style dance. She has a solid dance foundation and flexibility, and has been trained in renowned dance studios in China (such as Quansheng Dance Studio and Sunke Dance Studio) as a dance instructor. She founded the YouTube channel 'SENSATION' and regularly releases dance covers online, receiving widespread attention and positive feedback. She has also been a member of the G-Power dance team in the Boston area and has served as Dance Leader multiple times, gaining rich experience in dance covers and stage performances. She has taught in adult and children's K-Pop and Jazz workshops in Boston, with enthusiastic responses and great popularity among students.

K-pop Teacher and Choreographer


Wenting Chen (BIO COMING SOON)
Teacher and Choreographer



Stephanie Lin (BIO COMING SOON)

Teacher and Choreographer

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