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ADA's Children's Programs

Level 1: Hand in hand

Hand in hand class targets child age 3-4. In 1 hour's class, we will stimulate creative dance movement in through games and storytelling. With lively music and class atmosphere, our activities are designed to develop body coordination and balance. The creative activities also help your child to build musical and spatial awareness.


Level 2: Elementary

The elementary class will involve basic skills and capability training, while training children's body and facial expression. We will refine Chinese dance's basic postures and movements, strengthen and support muscle development, and encourage questions and mutual learning. This class aims to guide your child into the Chinese dance world, along with developing the cognition between dance and music.



Level 3: Intermediate

The intermediate class is designed for children who already have dance training before. In addition to the basic skills training, we will add single technique training, and enhance capability skills through unique dance pieces. This class will largely exercise expression, confidence, physical control and flexibility.


Level 4: Advanced

The advanced class targets teenagers who possess single technique and have stage performance experience before. At this level we will mainly focus on refine professional manner, bringing in systematic training and enhance technique training. The students in advanced class will learn how to accurately combine dance movement, technique and music together, and how to convey emotion via body language. In this process, students' understanding of Chinese dance, flexibility, and emotional expression will be largely developed.

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